Saturday, May 19, 2007

Want Lower Gas Prices?

In theory, Ron Paul will greatly reduce tension in the Middle East which should bring gas prices way down. In addition, with his low tax policies combined with free market economy ideology, I wouldn't be surprized to see $1.00 a gallon prices. As soon as Americans realize the low gas price potential of Ron Paul they will quickly forget about ALL the other candidates (Both Republican and Democrat)


Anonymous said...


What are you talking about? Bush will bring us lower gas prices. You just have to be patient. You have to give his plan a chance to work out. He's only been in office for 6 years. Since Bush and Rudy have the same ideology, we need to vote for Rudy to insure that the BUSH PLAN has a chance to work out.

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It would be perfect getting lower gas prices because all things rising the prices ad we earning less money in our jobs.

ron paul needs your support

ron paul needs your support