Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ron Paul Photo of the Week

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That's a very good campaign slogan, because Americans will tolorate an unnessary war, but they won't tolorate $4 per gallon gas for very long. That's where Ron Paul comes in. If he were elected president, the tension in the middle east would soon die down and gas prices would drop just as swiftly as they rose. SICK OF HIGH GAS PRICES? VOTE FOR RON PAUL.


Jeff said...

That's a nice wheel barrel. My grandpa used to have one just like that. Your photo brings back memories!

Viagra Online said...

Well it's true, war are not unnecesary at all, because they made some people more rich, but yeah talking about gas prices and the cost of life, it's a very good inversion to buy an electric car and buy energy pannels, well there are many ways to save money, it's just about to have inmagination.
Goood luck.

ron paul needs your support

ron paul needs your support