Monday, May 28, 2007

Ron Paul debates President Bush

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The future President of the United States got to debate the current President via CNN on a special Sunday Spotlight segment. CNN's Rick Sanchez asks if he agrees with John Edwards that the "War on Terror" is just a slogan. To avoid being associated with Edwards, Ron Paul does not answer the question with a "Yes or No" answer, but instead points out that "Terror" is a tactic and that it's impossible to declare war on a tactic. Leave it up to Ron Paul to come up with such a thought provoking answer.


Alfred said...

Ron Pual is a good debater, but he is no match for George Bush. George Bush is what you call a master-debater!

Anonymous said...

George Bush tried to continue debating Ron Paul today with the hoopala about increased sanctions against Sudan. The increase was trivial and will be hard to make work. Why the big deal? Well, Ron Paul did say that sanctions hurt the ones they are intended to help and that they contribute to blowback. Bush had to say something back.

As far as I'm concerned, Ron Paul didn't even have to respond and Bush lost this round.

I don't know why Bush is after Ron Paul, after all Paul did say he was against congress micromanaging the war. And Paul did say congress was at fault for giving away constitutional responsibility. And his sunset proposal includes no fingerpointing.

ron paul needs your support

ron paul needs your support