Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jon Stewart gives Ron Paul tips for the debate

Ron Paul gave an excellent performance on the Daily Show yesterday! Towards the end of the interview, Jon Stewart gives Ron Paul some one line "zingers" he can use against his opponents in GOP debate scheduled for today (06.05.07).

Paco likes Rudy, Rachel likes Ron Paul

Watch Her Video
Ah, the latest video from Rachel. This time she features that bird we have heard in the background of her other videos. Paco turns out to be a real bird brain (he thinks Rudy would make an excellent Presidente), but good thing he's not allowed to vote.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Vox Day: Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Read Letter Here
"Mr. Limbaugh, I am urging you to do the right thing. I am asking you to set aside all of the pragmatic political considerations that have reduced the Republican party to its current state and to endorse the only candidate who is genuinely devoted to returning conservative principles to the party and liberty to the people." - Vox Day is a novelist and Christian libertarian

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Make a sign for Ron Paul today!

Above is a homemade Ron Paul sign posted on the back of a camper shell

People can be very stupid and very smart at the same time. I hate to say it but most people are stupid when it comes to politics. They will vote for whoever has the fanciest TV commercial or whoever gets the Fox News endorsement. Now, Ron Paul does not have the money for TV commercials and Fox can't stand him. Therefore, the cold hard truth is that we either make signs and post them on our cars or we let Rudy, Romney, or Fred represent the Republican Party.

Think of a catchy slogan and make a Ron Paul sign today. Remember, it's fun to watch people's reactions to your sign as you drive around town.

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Problem: Ron Paul tells the truth

The problem with Ron Paul is that he tells the truth.
"Seeing a skunk at the garden party, Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, threatened after the second Republican debate to organize a petition drive among Republican National Committee members to ban Texas Congressman Ron Paul from participating in further debates. " - By Ralph R. Reiland

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chirs Matthews calls "BS" on Rudy

Watch the Video
On his show "HardBall" Chris Matthews analyses what Rudy Giuliani said the other night on the "Late Show" with David Letterman. Giuliani suggested that George Bush was just carrying out what Bill Clinton wanted to do. Matthews flat out calls Giuliani's statement "Absolute BS" and suggests that Giuliani needs to get his facts straight.

Ron Paul Revolution Video Update

This is a short video that basically just outlines all the recent accomplishments of the Ron Paul campaign. I like the music. It also does a good job of pointing people in the right direction in terms of how to help out with the Ron Paul campaign. Oh, and they have their very own web site: RonPaulRevolution.com

ron paul needs your support

ron paul needs your support