Thursday, May 24, 2007

Remember the "W" Sticker?

Karl Rove was a Genius
Karl Rove or whoever thought of the "W" sticker was a marketing genius. I remember there was a huge surge of loyal "flag waving" Bush supporters slapping on little "W" Stickers to the back of their luxary pickup trucks and SUVs. It was almost like a status symbol saying I'm middle or upper middle class and I support GW and his tax cuts. These are the same people that if you asked them about the Iraq war would recite in a monotone "robotic" voice something like, "we've got to fight them over there, so they don't come over here". These people are the non-thinkers of America and they make up a large percentage of the population (probably the majority). That's why we need to target these people with simple slogans via homemade "car signs" and bumper stickers.
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A Bunch of Computer Geeks
I started thinking about it one day. I asked myself, "what is the strong point about the Ron Paul campaign?" We don't have a lot of money, but we do have a strong following of computer savy computer nerds (like me). They are making leaps and gains on the Internet, but what else can they do with their computers? Well, they can make homemade signs and paste them to the back of their vehicles. There must be millions of Ron Paul supporters. Just think if everyone of those people pasted a sign to the back of their car they would reach millions more people. In addition, we could have millions of people working together to develop new slogans. For example, someone emailed the following slogan into me: WANT LOWER GAS PRICES, VOTE FOR RON PAUL.

Want lower gas prices? Vote for Ron Paul!

Put that Computer to Good Use
So one day I decided to try my idea and make a homemade (computer generated) Ron Paul sign. It was fairly easy and it was only about 20 minutes later that I had my sign printed and ready to tape to my window. I wondered if simple Scotch tape would be enough to secure my little sign, but I soon discovered that 8 little pieces of tape can hold the sign on pretty good even at highway speeds. Now this homemade sign making hobby has become pretty addictive. I try to come up with slogans that will get people's attention. It's almost like fishing except that you experiment with different slogans instead of different fishing baits. To tell you the truth, I get a big kick out of seeing people's reactions to my signs. It's like being interactive with the people in my city who I have ignored for years. Now I get to watch them through my rear-view mirror as they react to my signs. Sometimes they just stare. Many times I can see their lips moving as they "mouth" the words as they read my sign. And other times people will smile and then bump the person next to them so they can read my sign. It makes me happy that I'm spreading the word about Ron Paul, but it also makes me happy that I'm interacting with my community. I have a theory that who ever lands up behind my car was guided there by God for the purpose of finding out about Mr. Ron Paul.

How to make a Homemade Bumper Sticker

  • Basically you just create a sign using Word or any word processor. I like to use Microsoft Publisher because it lets create your text in nice little "Text Boxes".
  • Before you start designing your little sign, make sure you change the paper orientation from "Portrait" to "Landscape". This will allow you to type sideways on your paper.
  • Think of cool slogans that will capture peoples attention.
  • Design and type the text into the word processor or graphics program.
  • Save your work.
  • Make sure you have paper in your printer and then print out your design.
  • Then you tape the sign with scotch tape. If you use 8 pieces of scotch tape it will secure your sign pretty good. It is best to tape the 4 corners and then tape the 4 midpoints between the corners. I have never lost a sign even at freeway speeds.
If you feel good about your sign, please take a photo and EMAIL it to us.

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michael said...

yeah, i remember all those little "w" stickers all over the place.

Dan said...

You don't even need to print your own bumper stickers. I made tons of different ones for my fellow Ron Paulites!

Check some of these out:

We're even getting noticed by places like which just put one of my Ron Paul bumperstickers on the "Best Of" award list.

Fight on, and spread the word before the next CNN debate in NH! Let's get more people involved!

ron paul needs your support

ron paul needs your support